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Affording Expensive Crohn’s Disease Medications

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  1. Colleen says:

    Remicade has a program that pays out of pocket expenses for medication.

  2. Carol Geller says:

    #2 is totally incorrect. I am trying to get assistance with Xifaxin and I was told that I can’t qualify because I am on a government health insurance plan. Medicare. People on private insurance can get cards for free mess because their insurance will pick up the tab. Bring on Medicare, living in an apartment and being on disability with A very limited fixed income do not qualify because I have retirement funds which I cannot and do not want to use at my age of 64. So,all of your above options are not true and give people false hopes.

    1. brett says:

      Hi Carol – thank you for reading and your response. There are some additional concerns for using Prescription Assistance Programs with Medicare, but the programs and services may still be useful methods to save money. One of the companies that we reference, GoodRx, has a really good section on their website about how to most effectively use their service with Medicare:

      I hope this is helpful and I’m sorry to hear about your experience as that sounds frustrating.

  3. Sheryl says:

    Pentasa which is s commonly used IBD drug and does not have an actual generic form, is $1250 per month even with a Blue Cross PPO. The company that makes at Pentasa does have a financial assistance program however if you make more than $85,000 a year you were supposed to be able to work out $1250 per month along with the other costs and the monthly premium for the Blue Cross. We look into all those alternative programs and none of them cover any of Pentasa.

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